Membership Benefits

Who is American Dental Plan?


Founded in 1978, we are Arizona's oldest...

Founded in 1978, we are Arizona's oldest dental savings plan. By purchasing a yearly membership, you gain access to a network of participating dental offices that provide the same quality dental services but at affordable and predictible prices.

Are you a resident of Arizona? Then take this opportunity to join a time tested and cost effective alternative to traditional dental insurance. All residents of Arizona are eligible to enroll in this individual, voluntary dental plan regardless of their age, employment status or dental care needs. This dental plan is unique since there are no waiting periods, no claim forms, no pre-existing exclusions, no yearly maximums, no employment requirements and no age restrictions. In fact, enrollment is always open and once you join the plan, all benefits are available to you and your family immediately!

American Dental Plan can be used as the primary dental benefit or can also be used for any dental service NOT covered by your existing policy, (such as waiting periods, exceeding the yearly maximums, changing jobs, retirement, any un-insured family members, etc.) For more info, see our FAQ section.

American Dental Plan encourages early detection & ongoing maintenance and offers a cost effective alternative to paying usual and customary fees or using managed care plans. In many instances, you will save enough money at your first dental visit to pay for your yearly membership!

What Services Do I Receive?


Each membership year, you will receive an examination* and 4 x-rays at no charge!...

Each membership year, you will receive an examination* and 4 x-rays at no charge! (some dentists may require more than just 4 x-rays). Additional dental services including cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and dentures, (and orthodontics!) are available at substantial savings from the latest fee schedule, (Phoenix Metro and Tucson, Rural Areas, Orthodontics) .  Also, it is not necessary to obtain a referral before seeing a Specialist.  Just call the dentist to schedule your appointment.

*(Many dentists will approach your initial examination as more comprehensive and, therefore, is charged in accordance with the latest fee schedule. If you are charged for this initial exam, your second exam during your membership year will then be "No Charge".)

Where are Services Obtained?


There are over 600 independent participating general and specialty dentists...

There are over 600 independent participating general and specialty dentists throughout Arizona. Refer to the most current list of dental offices in Phoenix , Tucson , or the Rural Areas .  This website will provide the location of each participating OFFICE that is accepting NEW patients. Many offices have more than one dentist and can schedule your appointment without delay.

(Those offices which are closed to new patients are not currently listed in the network but may be selected with permission from the participating dentist). You are free to choose any of these locations to receive your dental care. Should you decide to change dentists, you must first contact the Administrative Office to update your membership card and be placed on the dentist's patient roster.

We are always adding new participating dentists to our network in Arizona.  
If your dentist is not listed, ask their office staff  if they wish to participate
and we can forward a provider packet without obligation.

How do I receive Dental Services?


Upon enrollment, you are able to call the dental office to schedule...

Upon enrollment, you are able to call the dental office to schedule your appointment. (The dental office can verify your eligibility if you have not yet received your ID cards). You pay the dentist directly for all services provided. The amount you pay is clearly listed on the most recent fee schedule. (Please be aware that you will be charged an additional $12 at each dental appointment to pay for gloves, masks and increased sterilization techniques as required by OSHA). Your permanent ID card can be sent by email immediately upon enrollment.


Annual Membership Dues

Membership Type New Member* Renewal
Individual $ 79.00* $ 69.00
2 Persons $ 104.00* $ 94.00
Entire Family $ 129.00* $ 119.00

Upgrade your membership for free to our Plus Plan which includes savings from Chiropractors, Optical Stores, Pharmacies and Alternative medicine services.

(*New memberships include a one time $10 enrollment fee.)

It's Simple to Join!

  1. Complete the online enrollment form and payment information.
  2. Be sure to select a participating dentist from the provider network.
    OR, You can print the enrollment form and mail to:
  3. American Dental Plan
    PO Box 13254
    Scottsdale, AZ 85267

  4. Benefits are available immediately! Your ID cards will be  emailed directly to the address on your enrollment form.
  5. Membership is transferable but your yearly membership dues are non-refundable upon processing of enrollment form.
  6. Refer a friend using the referral form and receive a $5 coupon that can be used towards next year's renewal. Collect enough coupons to pay for your entire membership!!

If you have any questions, contact the American Dental Plan Customer Service at (602) 265-6677. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:00am until 4:00pm (MST) and closing at 3:00pm on Friday.

Other Notes:


American Dental Plan covers all pre-existing conditions, has no waiting periods, no deductibles, no yearly maximums and no claim forms.  Eligible dependents include children under the age of 25, living at home with their parents. Mentally or physically challenged children, living with parents, will continue as dependents indefinitely.

All participating providers accept full responsibility and liability for services offered and performed. Providers and members agree to hold American Dental Plan harmless from any claims. Office locations are subject to change without notice. Members are responsible for all payments to providers. Members agree to all terms of membership.