Frequently Asked Questions

Is this dental plan considered "insurance?"


No, American Dental Plan, is classified as a "dental savings plan" ...

No, American Dental Plan, founded in 1978 and Arizona's oldest voluntary dental benefit plan is classified as a dental savings plan. By joining the Plan, you obtain access to a network of participating dentists and healthcare providers who are willing to accept a reduced fee for service in exchange for immediate payment, no advertising costs, no submitting of claim forms, no pre-certification checks, and no calculation of deductibles or co-payments. (It's like having a coupon every time you visit the dental office.) And unlike traditional insurance, you only pay for the dental and health services you actually receive without paying monthly "premiums". There are no waiting periods, no claim forms, and no limitations to dental services, participation is voluntary and membership is available regardless of your employment status.

Is my dentist a provider on your dental plan?


There are over 600 participating dentists with American Dental Plan...

There are over 700 participating dentists with American Dental Plan many of which have participated with American Dental Plan for over 15 years! While our network is listed by office location, (not always by dentists' names), we only identify those dental offices that are currently accepting NEW patients. If you do not see your dentist listed, contact your dentist first, then give us a call to see if they participate.

Why are the dentists on your plan willing to accept lower fees?


These dental facilities understand the economic benefit of reducing operating costs...

All of the participating dental offices are independently owned and operated. These dental facilities understand the economic benefit of reducing operating costs associated with advertising, submitting claim forms, waiting for reimbursement checks from insurance companies, as well as reducing staff time calling for pre-certification of benefits, verification of benefits, and having to resubmit claim forms to insurance companies. And in return, members of American Dental Plan are able to receive a reduced fee for service without affecting the profitability of the dental office!

Can I coordinate my insurance plan with American Dental Plan?


YES!, and here's how...

YES! If you currently use any insurance dental plan rather than having to pay full price for any procedure that is NOT covered by your insurance, you can access the ADP network and receive a discount for that procedure. That means if your existing insurance plan has any sort of waiting periods, yearly maximums, pre-existing exclusions or restrictions, by joining American Dental Plan you can use the benefits immediately and save up to 40% on that specific procedure.

Other reasons to use American Dental Plan in conjunction with your existing insurance would include: wanting white fillings instead of silver fillings, (most PPO plans do not pay for the white fillings), using implants instead of dentures and partials, adult and children orthodontics, and any un-insured family members (such as children out of wedlock, adult children living at home or parents living within your household).

You can also join American Dental Plan should you lose (or change) your job or even retire. Most all dental insurance plans are tied to your employment and when your employment ends, so does your dental benefit. By joining American Dental Plan, you will ALWAYS have access to affordable dentistry, regardless of your employment status. All ID cards and renewal notices are sent to your residence.

If you are currently enrolled with AFLAC or Allstate Indemnity dental plans, you can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by utilizing the ADP network for the reduced fee and then submitting your claim to your insurance plan. In many cases the amount of reimbursement from your insurance plan will equal the discounted fee resulting in a “net zero” cost for many dental procedures! (Call customer service for more detailed information.)

(If you are attempting to coordinate benefits, we suggest you select a dentist that accepts BOTH dental plans. This will allow for continuity in dental care and then you would just determine which dental plan you will be using for each specific procedure.)

Can I use American Dental Plan in another state or with a dentist "out of network?"


American Dental Plan is only available in Arizona with...

American Dental Plan is only available in Arizona with those dentists who have signed a contractual agreement. Only those dentists listed will provide dental services in accordance with the most recent fee schedule. There is no reimbursement from the Plan for using "out of network" dentists.

How can I change to a different dentist?


If you decide to change to a different general dentist, just call our customer service department (602) 265-6677 and obtain a new ID card and have your name placed on the office roster. It is not necessary to obtain a referral from a general dentist in order to see a specialist on our dental plan.

I haven't used my dental plan membership, can I get a refund?


Once you join American Dental Plan, membership benefits are available for an entire year...

Once you join American Dental Plan, membership benefits are available for an entire year. You may assign your benefits to another person, and they may continue to use the dental plan for the remainder of the membership period, but there are no refunds.

Why aren't all dental procedures listed on your fee schedule?


Our fee schedule is designed to identify what we believe to be...

Our fee schedule is designed to identify what we believe to be "basic clinical dentistry". These procedures have been time tested to provide an economically feasible approach to providing dental care. Many new techniques are constantly being created, but at higher fees. And even though these new procedures may not be specifically identified on the fee schedule, our providers are willing to offer their "usual cash discounted prices" on any procedure performed which is not listed on the fee schedule.

Why don't we list procedure codes on our fee schedule?


Each year, new codes are being created to help identify new procedures...

Each year, new codes are being created to help identify new procedures or to bundle, or unbundle, previously coded procedures. By identifying the actual procedure, rather than using the code, it is easier for the dental office to identify the correct "discounted" fee for our members. If you are attempting to submit a claim form to your insurance company for reimbursement, please discuss all procedure codes with the treating dentist to ensure accuracy.

Other competing Plans advertise savings of 50% and sometimes up to 80%. How is that possible?


Think about it for just a moment. What successful business...

Think about it for just a moment. What successful business person is willing to discount THAT much of their service and still remain in business? It is absolutely impossible! The national average operating overhead of a general dentistry office is 65-75%. How then can they discount 80% of their normal fee and remain in business? Those numbers are merely marketing "mirrors" designed to attract your interest in buying their dental plan. Be sure to ask about lab fees and other charges the dentist can add back into the total fee. In many cases, the end result is no different than paying full price. Be sure to ask questions. It might take some time, but the facts will speak for themselves.

Can I transfer my membership from another dental plan?


Yes. If you currently have...

Yes. If you currently have a competing dental plan and wish to change plans send in your original ID cards along with a completed American Dental Plan application. We will re-issue you an ADP membership for the remainder of your original dental plan.

Do I receive anything for referring others to join American Dental Plan?


Yes! If you would like to refer will receive a $5 coupon...

Yes! If you would like to refer another individual or family and they join the dental plan, you will receive a $5 coupon that can be used towards your next annual renewal. Accumulate enough $5 coupons and your dental plan can be FREE! Think of all your friends, relatives, co-workers, classmates, etc that might be looking for an affordable alternative to dental benefits. Call (602) 265-6677 and give us their name and address. Each application will be sent from our office with your member # so that we can identify the source of the application. When we receive the application from the new member, the $5 coupon will be mailed to you immediately.

Click here for Top Ten Reasons To Use American Dental Plan

1. ADP is Arizona's oldest voluntary dental benefit plan founded in Phoenix in 1978. We have over 40 years direct experience in the Arizona dental plan marketplace. Our company has been family owned since its inception.

2. The administrative office is located in Phoenix, AZ. Customer service is a top priority. The company President is able to speak to you if necessary.

3. There are over 600 local dentists, (both general and specialists) that currently participate with ADP. Many have participated for over 25 years! And we maintain our own dental provider network.

4. In almost every situation, you will save enough money at your first dental visit, (with the free exam and x-rays) to pay for the cost of your yearly membership!

5. You only pay for services that you actually receive. Unlike traditional insurance or prepaid dental plans that require monthly payments without ever receiving care. It's like having a coupon everytime you go to your dentist.

6. There are no employment, wage, or age restrictions.

7. Enrollment is always open.

8. Should you change employment or retire, your dental benefits will continue.

9. ADP can be coordinated with traditional indemnity or PPO plans to cover waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, gaps in coverage, or any procedure not covered by your dental insurance plan. Be sure to select a provider that accepts both dental plans.

10. It is simple and easy to use. Participation is voluntary and enrollment is always open.

Should you have any questions, or wish to enroll by phone, please call (602) 265-6677. The administrative office is currently virtual. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and your call will be returned at our soonest opportunity