About American Dental Plan Plus:


Upgrade your membership for FREE and receive...many more health care...

In addition to the dental benefits described, you can also receive additional savings for Optical, Pharmacy, Chiropractic, and other health care related services! These discounts can be used separately, in conjunction with your health or Medical Savings Account, or for services not covered by your regular medical insurance plan

And now, you can upgradce to the PLUS PLAN without charge! However, you must select the "free upgrade" option in order to obtain the PLUS PLAN membership status.

See the information below for the services provided by these additional healthcare providers.  

Pharmacy Benefits:


"Search" for the pharmacy location near you...

Consult your local phone book for the pharmacy location near you.

Fry's Pharmacies offer 10% savings on name brand medications and 20% savings on all generic medications. 


Average 30% savings from Bashas, CVS, Safeway, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart pharmacies. Click here to enroll.

Optical Benefits & Hearing Aids:


From Nationwide Vision.

Many locations throughout Arizona.
Routine eye exam $45
Eye exam with dialation $59
Contact fitting (disposable) $45
Frames and lenses 20% savings
Contact Lenses 10% savings
American Optical Plan:
A statewide network of over 100 independent opticians, optometrists and opthamologists provide eye exams, contacts, glasses, frames and laser surgery at a savings of 15-40%. Select a link below to view the fee schedule and/or the list of participating locations throughout Arizona.

View optical fee schedule
View list of providers

Chiropractic & Complementary Alternative Medicine:


Customized Footbeds, Free Digital Laser Scan Foot Analysis (a $30 value. Save $60 off their regular price for custom footbeds

Their advanced digital laser technology will help you:

  • improve performance
  • align the body
  • relieve foot stress
  • reduce fatigue
  • maximize comfort
  • minimize injury risk

visit http://www.eSoles.com or call (480) 222-7333
American Chiropractic Plan:

As an added feature, chiropractic, acupuncture, chinese medicine, and homeopathy benefits are available to all Plus Plan members. Receive a spinal exam, x-ray and office consultation for no charge. Additional services including acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments are available at 15-35% savings.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture fee schedule
List of participating providers Proper member ID cards must be presented prior to obtaining any special pricing from the independent participating providers.

Discounts for these independent providers are available only to our Plus Plan members (enroll here). Members agree to all terms of membership. Questions can be directed to American Dental Plan customer service at (602) 265-6677 Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm and Friday until 3pm (MST), excluding certain holidays.