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Specialist's List

Participating Phoenix Metro Specialty Dentists
These participating dental locations are either Board Certified or
limit their practice to the specific area of Dental Specialty.

It is also not necessary to obtain a referral from a General Dentist
in order to set an appointment with a Specialist.

20% Savings from Usual and Customary Fees

Arizona Law only allows dentists to use the term ?Specialist? under certain restrictions.  American Dental Plan makes no claim as to whether the dentists listed above are actually ?Specialists? as defined by Law.

Office Locations Subject to Change. Additional locations available in Tucson and Rural communities throughout Arizona. Call American Dental Plan for information.

Dentists assume full responsibility for all dental services performed.

Members agree to hold American Dental Plan harmless from actions of participating independent dentists. Should you have any questions, please contact the Administrative Office. (602) 265-6677