Plans start at just $59.oo per year!

Association & Group Pricing

In addition to providing dental benefits to your members' employees, American Dental Plan can also provide your Professional or Trade Association non-dues revenue! Special Association rates include a discount off normal yearly membership fees with 10% of revenue collected paid directly to your Association, including annual renewals!

      Special Rates
      Non-Dues Revenue
      One Person
      $ 54.00
      $ 5.40
      Two Persons
      $ 74.00
      $ 7.40
      Entire Family
      $ 94.00
      $ 9.40

Participation is totally voluntary with no employer restrictions. Payroll deduction is an employer option with groups of 10 or more. Otherwise, quarterly or semi-annual billing is available for smaller employer groups. And should the employee change jobs, the dental plan membership benefits will continue!

If you or your employer are a member of an Association and wish to enroll in the American Dental Plan, please include the name of the association or employer group on your application. The administrative office will verify its participation and will then charge your credit card the reduced membership fee.

Some of the Arizona based Associations currently offering their members a discounted price for American Dental Plan:

Arizona Credit Union League
Arizona Winter Visitors Association
Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)
Employee Services Management Association  (ESM)
Arizona Private School Association
Arizona Society of Association Executives  (AZSAE)
Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants
City of Phoenix Municipal Employees Association (COPMEA)
...and many others!

Contact the administrative office for additional information or to have your Association listed for special pricing, 
Call (602) 265-6677.

For a full description of the dental plan, click here.

Dental Benefits for Employer Groups

Full-Time Employees
Whether used as your primary dental benefit, or as a second choice, American Dental Plan is a cost effective method of providing dental benefits to your full time employees. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars on traditional dental plans that most employees never fully use, our rates are the most reasonable:
      Yearly Option
      Monthly Option*
      One Person
      $ 59.00
      $ 4.95
      Two Persons
      $ 79.00
      $ 6.65
      Entire Family
      $ 99.00
      $ 8.35

*Monthly Payroll Deduction is designed for groups of 10 or more and is an employer option. For smaller groups, quarterly or semi-annual billing is also available. There is a $3 per statement billing fee for all non-yearly payment options.

Each month the employer will receive an itemized billing statement showing all plan participants. You may update this list based upon changes in employment. Should an employee leave your company, the employee will have the option of continuing plan benefits with a fully paid annual membership fee.

For an employer packet or supply of brochures, contact our administrative office.

For a full description of the dental plan, click here.

Part Time Employees
American Dental Plan can also be offered to part time, seasonal and temporary workers at no charge to the employer! This is an ideal method of providing voluntary dental benefits to those employees who normally do not qualify or cannot afford traditional dental benefits. Just distribute a dental plan brochure, usually in payroll or in your new-hire packets. Those interested can join individually with all correspondence, ID cards and renewal notices being sent to the employee's home.

And should the employee change jobs, dental benefits will continue!

      Yearly Membership Fees
      One Person
      $ 59.00
      Two Persons
      $ 79.00
      Entire Family
      $ 99.00
      There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00
Many individuals use American Dental Plan as a supplement to their existing PPO or Indemnity dental plans.  ADP can be used to cover waiting periods, certain restrictions or limitations, to provide coverage past the yearly maximums or after employment separation.  Call customer service or visit our FAQ section for additional information.

For a supply of brochures, contact our administrative office.

For a full description of the dental plan, click here.